March 9, 2005


All, Grief, Sadness

Jo Vi

Sadden by the thought of you,
I can’t seem not to think of you
You’re everywhere I turn
You’re in the mirror I look in
You’re in the reflection of my shadow
I can’t believe, I really miss you
There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think of you
You’re somewhere deep inside
I hear the things you whisper
But I can’t forget you.
I really miss you!
My heart feels like something is missing
but I hear, “I don’t need unfinished business,
To make you feel all together any more.”
How do I learn to let go
When I know you’re still holding my hand
I can’t get it out of my head, I just miss you
I know the days go by but I need you here
I feel lost and alone, with no hope in sight
I lost my way, where do I turn to when you aren’t there
You see, I miss you
Who do I turn to for hope and dreams
Who do I look up to for protection
You took everything away….
I miss you and I lost my way….

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