Dear Me

April 6, 2005


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Jo Vi

Dear Me,

Don’t look to the stars when times get tough. Search deep inside that heart of yours and remember there’s a person in there. Every time you take a step from home don’t forget to say “I Love You” to all those you love. Remember time is just a distraction to keep people from living there dreams. Don’t hold regrets, forgot the things that people did to you, it’ll just make you bitter. Hold your head up high, even when you fail at something. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, people who love you should know better that you don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and your just airing out those frustration. Keep memories and re-memorable moments scared in your heart, so they may never be forgotten. There are times in your life you may feel lost, just remember we’ve all been there a time or two. Anyone who says their happy, they mean it but aren’t living it. There is a difference when you love someone and loving someone, your heart should be able to tell the difference. The only thing that can kill you, is YOU! We are our own worst enemy, even deep inside. You’ve got to walk out that little demon every now and then. Behind the smoke is the purest thought you can ever imagine, just remember it’s in your head. And lastly, when you get time … I’d appreciate it if you could share this with anyone that might need some encouragement or a pick me up kinda thing.

From ME!

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