Bury These Memories

June 11, 2005


All, Grief, Loss, Memories

Jo Vi

Today I got a flash back
Something I thought I once forgot
Came crawling back
Something I don’t wanna remember
To painful to face by myself
Something that brings a tear to my eye
Something that means a lot to my heart
How can I get over losing you
When I can’t even stop thinking of you
Your haunting my thoughts every minute
Your name I can’t even say
because I’ll just start to cry
I wanna forget you but
Something is holding on to me
Something is telling me to not let go
But how can I move on when I’m still stuck on you
My mind is made up
This is it, I can’t keep torturing myself
Thinking I might see you once more
Hoping you’re not really gone
Wishing you’d come back
But I know that it’s me that needs the help
Please forgive me
You know I tried
but it seems nothing is working
I’m sorry but I got to bury these
Memories of you and me
It’s the only way I can save myself
From truly losing you.
You’re in my heart always
but not worth saying your name
Especially if you start haunting me
Keep in mind, I know your truly not gone
But I’m still here and
I need to move on!

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