Dad and Me

November 23, 2004


All, Father, Missing You, Poem

Jo Vi

That blue flame you lite by my window tonight
Remembering happy moments in a wink of an eye
Sweet loving smile you had on your face
Why did you look at me that way?
Your little girl, loving you more
than anything in the world
Even the way you are
I never could stay mad long enough
Little things seem so much
Big things you cast away
Things you touch are different to my eyes
Your beloved thoughts are within my heart
I’ll always remember your
picture when you shine best
It’s so hard to believe you’re just a thought away
Tonight my tears just dried for the sun to set
Thinking of times to come
Sharing stories into the night
Will always have one more drink
before you say go to sleep.
In my dreams there you are …
… walking beside me, to see my first steps
… listening for words to float through the air and out my mouth
… caring for me when I’m sick
Daddy, you’ll always be close to my heart

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