Fighting With Yourself

August 22, 2013


All, Inner Voice, Internal Conflict

Jo Vi

You don’t understand, why should I open my eyes for you
You don’t understand, why should I see through your eyes
You need to understand, I saw through your eyes
And your point of view
But I’m still waiting for my end of the bargain
You don’t understand, this is why I don’t trust you
You need to understand, I will never see through your eyes again
I will never find faith in you
And I will never need your wisdom at all
I understand everything I need to know
I understand why things are in chaos
I understand why there is good and bad but one thing is for sure
I will not allow myself to understand you at all
You are lost to me
You are everything I oppose
Why do you haunt my every thought?
When I thought I got rid of you so many years ago
Wait a minute
Who are you?
Why do I see myself inside your eyes?

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