The Person Inside

July 24, 2013


All, Internal Conflict

Jo Vi

There’s trouble in my heart
The kind you can’t shake
The kind that kills slowly

All the missing pieces
I can’t seem to find
All the scattered thoughts
Scattered from head to toe

It’s hard not to give in to temptation
Prescription pills and liquor don’t do the trick
Just good at killing in silent
The pain still lingers
Eating slowly at your soul and
Screwing with your mind

All the missing pieces
Are forever gone and lost
All the scattered thoughts
Are killing my head slowly

Nothing in this world
Can repair the damage
Except the person hidden deep inside
Afraid to show it’s face

Cause’ all the pain hurts
All the vicious lies
The person inside is scare of the real world

All the missing pieces
of old memories
All the scattered thoughts
of the past once forgotten
All the troubles of
a young person heart
All the pain from living
in this cruel, cruel world

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