Driving Me Crazy

August 22, 2013


All, Love, Romantic

Jo Vi

The cries of my heart makes me miss you
The sadness of my pain, hurts even more
The sadness in my heart aches like a faded drum
The love in my veins flow faster with a kiss from the sun
When I see your face and the look you give me
I can’t seem to catch my breath
You have a hold on my heart that I can’t fight
Your words mean more to me than your eyes can tell
I hold you dear in my soul then I ever thought
Thoughts can’t tell me to stay away
When whispers in the wind tell me, you love me
Why can’t I get you off my mind?
You’re like the love that follows me around
Your touch stays deep within my skin
The smell of you, drives me crazy
Your love is tainted, your passion is furious
How could I ever live without you in my life?
You’re the jewel in my eyes, the jewel that I never lose
Your love has got a hold of me
and will never let go, I can’t fight
I’m helplessly falling in love with you!

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