Bourbon Night

December 23, 2012

Songs & Lyrics

All, Despair, Heartbroken, Sadness

Jo Vi

Memories are the reason
I’ll drown myself with Bourbon
Whiskey won’t do the trick
It’ll just give me a kick, that’s all

It’s hard to look forward to tomorrow
’cause tomorrow is filled with
All the memories of yesterday
Tonight the bottle is calling
Tonight is my bourbon kinda night

Don’t tell me I’ll regret tonight
’cause if I succeed, it’s only for tonight
Tomorrow morning, my world will be spinning
And these memories are still calling

I hate to admit it’s hard to forget
Walking around these ruins
I just might start crying to myself
These memories of you are haunting

Your memories are the reason
I try to drown myself of all these pain
Can’t stand the thought of you
So tonight the bottle is calling
Tonight is my bourbon kinda night

Hurting like this, is a knife to my heart
Can’t help but think, am I better off this way
Wondering if these memories will fade
Only time will tell, if I’ll get better

But for now,
You’re barely In the back of my mind
All your memories are haunting me
It’s hard to fight the urge to forget

Tomorrow may never come if I keep at this pace
I’m afraid I might take it too far
Tonight I take my last sip
Tonight I put the bottle away
Tonight is my last bourbon kinda night

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