My Childhood Friend

December 24, 2012


All, Bond, Childhood, Friend

Jo Vi

It’s hard to turn your back
You can’t shut them out
There’s no word to describe
That childhood friend

You put your trust in them
They know your deep dark secrets
and you know theirs
You simply can’t tell them, No!
Been thru trouble together

We know each others flaw
We know what bugs them
We know when something is wrong
and we understand each other without explanation

For some reason
The loyalty between us is tight
Not a person in this world can replace them
They’re my family, maybe not by blood
but they equal my siblings for life

I couldn’t possibly stab them in the back
The truth they utter means more than a small lie
The bond from years of being friends,
isn’t gonna end overnight

The heartaches, the tears
The anger, the moodiness
The simple words of comfort and
still we remain friends!

There just the irreplaceable
Kind of person that’s in your life
That’s a lifetime friend!

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