Set Myself Free

September 9, 2012


All, Freedom, Liberty, Optimistic

Jo Vi

It’s time to step out from this dark cloud I hid under
Time to change my clothes and find a shower
This face has taken a beating and it looks like hell
Every minute I waste, standing here naked
Is another minute I don’t regret

I’ve set myself free and here I come sailing into port
You got the rain coming in and I am not happy
About that time I go run away from the rain
But time’s have changed and I’m still coming
Need to put aside my difference and welcome myself back

I’ve changed a lot but I’m still the same underneath
This old heart still gets its beat from the years of pain
This heart never forgot the same old dreams that haunt
My heart took a chance and it went down in flames
I’ve got a changed heart that I’ve mended back together

That road I look at every minute
Will eventually fade away in the back of my head
That feeling of being lonely will not be forgotten
Looking ahead for my next journey
I’m hoping I don’t get down when it starts to rain

I’m gonna stop running and face my fear every minute
I’m gonna take a chance when it calls me out
Every time I think about that dark cloud
The further it floats away
I’ve set myself free and there’s no looking back

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