It’s All In Your Head

September 6, 2012


All, Favorites, Unbalanced, Wild, Witty

Jo Vi

Hounding the crazy thoughts that hang by the door every morning
Greeting the wick image in the mirror
Say hello to the lunatic next door
Stare straight ahead, long enough to feel lost in space
Simplicity just got more complicated
Don’t think about the time, it’s just gonna screw with your head

Scream at the top of your lungs
Maybe someone will hear the screams of the lunatic inside
There another train coming by in 10 minutes
Don’t step off the edge or you’ll become sane
Everything is so underrated
Need to spice up the long-lost feeling from yesterday

Holding on to the dreams of another place
Because it feels safe to your head
Stop driving off these loony ideas
Try one, if you’re not afraid
Maybe some day I will remember this place!

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