October 17, 2012


All, Change, Optimistic

Jo Vi

Falling far away from where I once started
Looking to find my way again
Just looking for a way to find myself again
Looking for a reason to live once more
Walking down this lonesome road
Hoping someone will stop
and take me where this road will lead me
But no one doesn’t seem to care and not a car insight

Thinking to myself while the time seems to fly by
Not any closer to where I wanna be
Not anything better than I wish
But I have my hopes sitting on my shoulders
Whispering “Be Patience”
Taking my first step in this world
and a car stops for me
Hopping right in, no worries who it might be
But right now, he’s my Savior

My Savior to living again
My Savior who might be an angel
but only I can determine if he’s some gentleman
While my chance’s being slim
I take it my Savior is a goodhearted man
on his way home, just like me.

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