A Great Man

September 24, 2012


All, Passing

Jo Vi

My father
My brother
My grandpa (Nali, Chei)
My great-grandfather
Are what we call you until the end of time.
You were a great man in our eyes,
All the hard work you did through out your years,
so we could have a better life.
Your teaching taught us to laugh and enjoy the days to come
Your stepping stone became our home
The things you did we could never forget
All the travelling you did, but we never missed you this much
Oh, we really miss you
There wasn’t a moment, we didn’t think of you
Every waking minute, we felt something was missing and it was you
You left so suddenly, we didn’t get a chance to say we love you
We may cry and share these tears but
We will remember you always within our hearts
And with all the love in our hearts we got to say goodbye.

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