One Day

April 9, 2012


All, Hopeful, Optimism, Positive

Jo Vi

I had a weight on my shoulder
Up until yesterday
It felt good in a way
That got me thinking
With a thought that maybe
I am gonna make
My dreams come true today
I woke up on the right side of the bed
I felt like I’m gonna start my day fresh
I had all this inspiration until the day ended

Tonight I will sleep
Dreaming of dreams
I know one day it will come true
I’m making my dreams come true

In the mean time I’m gonna
Find the love I’ve been looking for
My soul mate is near
I feel he is lingering here

I’m gonna find him and
Give him the kiss he’s
Been waiting for …

For a lifetime of happy
It’s worth the time I wasted finding him
He’s my other half and I need him
By my side to feel just right

I woke up in his arms tonight
It felt so right
I had all my dreams coming true

When the day ends
It’ll become a new day but
with all the perks
of yesterday!

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