My Father

April 10, 2012


All, Emotional Struggle, Father, Loss

Jo Vi

There’s a blank void inside my heart
This feeling hasn’t subsided
I tried to change that feeling but it seems to stay with me
The man who was in my life was torn away from me
It hurts to this day when I think of him
A tear begins to form in my eye
The man he was, cannot be replaced
That man held a place deep in my heart
To see him go before his time is unbearable
I had to move on with my life
He still stands there like, if I was five
Watching over me and moving on to the next place
That man taught me things, I never knew I needed to know
That man held his hand out when I needed it
That man is gone and everything he taught is still here
He may not be here anymore but he left a mark
A mark that is forever embedded in my heart
How much time I wasted crying over silly things
My emotion always gets the best of me
Especially when I talk about my dad
That man in my life has been gone almost a decade
And still he lives on, inside me, all around me
I am my father’s daughter and I’m proud he is my father.

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