December 11, 2012


All, Break Up, Broken Hearted


It’s very clear to me
Your not here for me
There are so many things
That I want to say
But I’ll just hold my tongue

And let you walk away
If I could make you change your mind
But it seems your sure of yourself

I’ll just let you break my heart
Because I’m that kinda of man
Who believes in your feelings
I know I made some mistakes

But could you at least
Act like you’re hurting
It ain’t helping
That you’re not crying

I am a man who’ll
Take the beating
But when you leave
Trust me when I say
I will be hurting more than you know

I’ll let you walk away without a word
I fought to keep you forever
But your not willing to stay
And I’m tired of holding on

This ain’t no goodbye
This is a rude awakening
I’m a man and I’ll live through the day
Come tomorrow, your gone
And out of my life!

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