Inner Reflection

September 30, 2012


All, Observe, Self Awareness

Jo Vi

It’s not easy to write, what you feel
It’s too complicated, even to your heart
Simply cause there is too much pain and emotion
to describe in a short poem

So here it goes ….

My heart is conflicted between places
My emotion is being held back
My feelings are somewhat scattered
My life is overshadowed with past regrets
My love is hiding somewhere in myself

With all my problems, can’t seem to think clear
Thoughts are clouding my judgement
Thinking is obstructed by my raging emotions
Not realizing my head is a bit unhinged
Just another headache

Left my head in it’s own little world
Need to get back to reality
Cause my problems aren’t gonna magical disappear
Somehow I managed to find humor in all this
Just another day inside my head

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