Falling In Love

February 15, 2013


All, Love, Romantic

Jo Vi

The sooner I tell my heart, I’m falling in love
The better, it’ll start to get for the two of us
You’ve been stealing my breath away
Far too long
You’ve gotten me spinning in circles
Nothing seems to make sense
I’m lost in a world, that’s not my own
The moment I realize, I’m stuck here with you

Don’t tell my heart, NO!
It doesn’t understand any more than love
Take a step forward, toward the light
You can sleep naked, nobody will see but me
I’d give everything, just to keep this moment forever
Nothing seems to make sense
I’m lost in a world, forever falling
The moment I realize, I’m completely in love with you

I’ve fallen, falling in love with you
If only the heavens could see, you’re the one
Who’s got me spinning and jumping like a fool?
Everything could fall apart around me
And I’d still be in love with you
Nothing is making sense but when your part of my world
Everything makes perfect sense,
All because I’ve fallen for you

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