Drinking Tonight

June 12, 2014


All, Drinking


When the time fades into black
There’s a pause in a moment
I realize I’m way too late
That is when I know I’m way to buzz
To be even thinking about her tonight

Even when my head isn’t on straight
I still have the urge to even mention her name
It meant a whole lot to me when I told her a lie
She might hate me for that

But its way too late to even regret anything right now
Got to get these thoughts sort out
Before I go and make a fool of myself
I might as well just hang up my coat and boots

If I don’t finish that sentence before my head stop thinking
I’ve got myself into a full load of bullshit
Got ahead of myself for a minute there
Time to back down and throw up this awful taste
When my head stop spinning
I’ll give you a call in the morning

I might be hung over cause all I drank was tequila
You’ve been on my mind all night
I pictured you getting mad at me
No apologize is gonna get me off the hook
I can’t swear I’m not gonna do it again

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