Dance With Me

July 21, 2016


All, Joyful, Whimsical


Looking across the room
I see you!
Trembling and nervous
She thought, “What a gentleman?”
“Would you dance with me?” he asked
Slowly but surely
I took your hand and
watched you lift yourself graceful of the chair
Second went by,
the music flowed passionate into the air and
We danced with no care in the world
Holding you close and smelling lavender in your hair
Thought about kissing you but I held back
Gazing into your eyes where so enchanting
I lost myself in your eyes
Never thought you’d dance with me
Everything changed when I asked
“Would you dance with me?”
and when you said “Yes!”

Years later, love lead my feet to this path
Would you dance with me?
Would you dance with me every night?
Would you still dance with me?

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