A Late Night Thinking Of You

May 12, 2012


All, Favorites, Love, Wishful


It’s a late night when I know she’s there for me.
No cup of coffee needed, just a simple
Text message with the words “Good Night”.
I could talk with her all night long
And it seems only minutes to me.
If there was a way for her to be here with me
But she’s reluctant to giving into her heart.
All I got is her voice and it’s stuck inside my head.
I love the way she’s say my name when
I’m all zoned out to her voice.
Her voice is sweet and beautiful
I got a picture to go with it.
I could describe her in many words but
there’s something unique about her.
It’s the way she laughs, when I’m being stupid
It’s the way she smile’s, when I’m being sweet
It’s the way that she looks at me
I’m in love with her and I wish I could tell her.
I’m afraid she won’t feel the same
I’m afraid she’ll break my heart
I’m afraid I’m not the right man for her
But I’ll never know if I don’t get my words out.
So tonight I write this for you to read and
I’m hoping you get the way I feel about you.

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