St Patrick Days

Happy St. Patricks Day! Just another typical day, woke up late. Spending time online editing and fixing stuff on here. Was expecting to see a familiar face but they didn’t show up. Currently just cleaning up and picking up around my place. Gonna go make a cup of coffee and see how I feel. I did try to do the dishes but that end in a complete fail. Out of complete boredom, I just up and decided to re-arrange my bedroom. Moved around my computer desk to see where it fit and made sense to have it. Picked a spot and now my desk chair moves around freely. Not a productive day at all for me, just felt bored and lazy. Then I, up and decided to come on here and write about my crappy day. Was browsing around twitter for awhile and stopped. Facebook is still being a pain in the butt, still not working with my phone. Will, try working on that maybe tomorrow. Saw my neighbors had returned, they left before the sun came out and are back from their mini trip. Family is watching TV and I’m here on the computer typing and clacking away at the keyboard. Well, my thoughts are going dry and getting tired, it is getting late, Good Night!

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